Photo of the exterior of St Matthews Church, Warehorne.
 Photo of the interior of St Matthews, Warehorne from the main door facing south west.
 Photo facing down the isle of St Matthews, Warehorne


St. Matthew's church stands upon the Old Saxon shoreline looking over the Romney Marsh.

The original structure was built around C. 1200 but The Domesday book (1086 A.D.) mentions a church at Warehorne.

The present church shows no sign of Saxon or Norman work.

In 1770 the original tower was struck by lightning and was rebuilt in 1777. The tower was rebuilt in brick rather than stone due to a lack of money.


Millais Embroidery

In early 2020, The Textile Conservancy approached by the Treasurer of St. Matthew’s Church, Mr. Richard Henderson JP, with a view to repairing regions of detached laid metal thread. But, as it transpired, the condition and problems in the method of construction, lead to an extensive treatment being carried out.

Please click on the following link to read more about the process of this beautiful embroidery:  Millais Embroidery


We would like to thank The Textile Conservancy Company Limited for allowing us to use their photographs


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